When you have a dental problem that requires urgent dental care, our Scarborough dentists are here to offer same-day effective treatments at one of our 3 convenient Scarborough locations. Our emergency dentists near me will help relieve symptoms and restore damaged teeth so that you can feel better quickly.

Recent Emergency Patient Reviews

Dr.  Monga was amazing and such a great help at a difficult time. My husband got an infection that just rapidly started to get worse.  It was really worrisome to have to go to a dentist during the pandemic but they were very helpful, professional and made us feel very safe and at ease. My husband’s infection was dealt with and he healed up very well. We were both very thankful to have found Dr Monga.”


“I had a dental emergency during the height of the first wave of COVID-19. They immediately booked an appointment for me and did a wonderful job. The staff is professional and compassionate.”


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Dental Emergencies Should Never Be Ignored

Dental emergencies can strike at any time and when you least expect it. Unexpected injuries to your mouth can be intensely painful, and may even lead to health complications if they aren’t treated by your emergency dentist near me quickly. If you are suffering from any of the following dental problems, time is of the essence. You can trust our Scarborough emergency dentist near me to make every effort to treat your emergency dental issues on the same day and without notice.

Cracked or Broken Tooth

Your teeth can break from severe dental decay, trauma, or biting down on something that is simply too hard. A tooth can also crack or fracture if you grind your teeth at night. Broken and cracked teeth may sometimes extend to the roots of your teeth and cause severe pain. If you notice a broken or cracked tooth, it’s important to see our Scarborough emergency dentists near me as soon as you can to prevent further damage and alleviate pain.

Tooth is Knocked Out

If a permanent tooth gets knocked out of your mouth, you should never put off going to the dentist. In fact, your best chance of saving a tooth that has been knocked out is to see our Scarborough emergency dentists near me within one hour. Keep your tooth in a small container with water or milk and some salt, then get to an emergency department right away if you want to save your tooth. If our dentists aren’t able to reattach it in time, you may be a good candidate for dental implant surgery.

Loss of a Tooth Filling

Tooth fillings don’t last forever and can come loose after years of chewing. If a filling falls out, you will definitely notice as the tooth will be very sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, and pressure while you eat. If you lose a dental filling and are suffering from severe pain, contact our emergency dental team to prevent further damage that could lead to an infection later.

Severe and Constant Tooth Pain

Severe tooth pain should never be ignored — especially when it’s constant and doesn’t go away. Our emergency dentists can get to the bottom of the pain which may stem from a bacterial infection or dental abscess. Often, a same-day emergency root canal treatment is recommended, or even an emergency tooth extraction if your tooth can’t be saved. If these things go untreated for too long, bacteria can spread throughout your bloodstream, make you very sick, and lead to serious health complications.

Dental Crown Falls Out

Dental crowns can also fall out if your natural teeth beneath crowns become severely decayed. When a large cavity forms under a crown, your tooth can change shape so the crown may no longer fit properly. If you notice that your dental crown has fallen out, make a dental appointment as soon as you can. Before your appointment, keep your crown in a container and a cool place as our emergency dentists may still be able to use it. If not, we will likely recommend you get a replacement dental crown.

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Our skilled emergency dental team understands that certain dental issues require emergency treatment. Our accommodating dental offices in Scarborough can treat a variety of dental emergencies same-day, without notice; whether you think you may need an emergency root canal, tooth extraction, or oral surgery. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Make an emergency dental appointment today!
Whether you have dental insurance coverage or no coverage at all, if you are in need of emergency dentistry, we are here for you. Our emergency dentists near me, accept ALL Insurance plans, including ODSP and Healthy Smiles. Our affordable dental treatments will make your emergency dental problem to those who have no insurance.

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